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Datafile Portugal is the best internet source in English for research reports and data on business, tourism, leisure & hospitality, investment, economic, market, and sectors that include pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and energy. gives access to research reports and data on doing business in Portugal; tourism, leisure & hospitality opportunities; investment conditions; economic, market and sector-specific data and news briefings. Datafile showcases quality enterprises, such as the Pousadas network.  Datafile Portugal is a valuable tool for researchers, academics and business analysts focused on Portugal.


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We regret that due to barrier-to-free-trade practices (Modelo 12 RFI - 15% witholding tax) implemented by Portuguese tax authorities, apparently in contravention of EU single market directives, we are unable to accept non-online payment from Portuguese incorporated companies unless they can process Mod 12 RFI forms with minimum disruption to our business. We decline to participate in a practice not used by EU member states with double taxation arrangements.

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